Thursday, 7 July 2011

Self motivational techniques

How to motivate yourself:

From time to time our motivation dips, this is pretty normal. 

The difference between a good student and an average student can be narrowed if a student knows and understands that it is pretty normal that motivation rises and dips with time.

And he/she then takes action to recover from those dips.

Therefore there is a need for a student to self motivate when they realise the dips to get back up.

Maybe it may be easier to liken motivation to a kind of personal battery. If you are really low on motivation , the batter is almost zero, you should take spend more time on the below materials to charge it until you feel a rush of energy and learn to come back here to charge it from time to time.

And how you motivate yourself is such an important skill but is not formally taught in schools. You can count yourself  lucky to be reading just this...

a) Movies: This is the time to watch movies that tell a good story , make you want to study and save your movie budget during the term from watching other irrelevant movies that does not help you pass exams in the cinemas out there.

b) Managing Procrastination for your Essay datelines:

c) Short video clips on motivation

Just get to youtube: and type in motivational videos and watch the ones with most views...keep watching non stop everyday  until you feel the energy. Try it.

here is what I found but it may be better you learn how to search for it themselves. Korea's got Talent

Steve Jobs:

The guru of motivation: Anthony Robbins: ; ;‏

Oh and by the way coontributions are welcome , just post on the comments page.

d) read true stories everyday