Saturday, 9 July 2011

Singapore Legal System

A snippet of the relevant history
Democracy basics: The Singapore Constitution: The separation of Powers

The Singapore system is based on the separation of powers , in this video the concept of splitting power into 3 branch to check and balance each other is essentially is the same as USA .


In Singapore, we follow the British Parlimentary Model called the Westminster Style of Parliament:

except that we do not have the House of Lords.

1) Law making function: Parliament makes laws and where necessary, the ruling and opposition will debate its merit before calling a vote on it.

NB: In Singapore we do not have the upper House of Lords

2) Inquisitorial function of opposition to serve as a check on the ruling party:

 Here is an example of the inquisitorial role of an opposition in a fieRce debate in UK in parliament:

Compilation of funny moments all through the years.

Common Law

Historical origins of common law

Stare Decisis :

History of Common Law:

a) Mediation

b) Arbitration

Difference between a) and b) :

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